April 18, 2000

Fifty-sixth session
Agenda Item 17d


International Educational Development/Humanitarian Law Project congratulates the government of both India and South Africa on their efforts to address critical issues relating to AIDS. India's President Shri Kocheril Raman Narayanan welcomed a conference held in Nagpur India in January 2000, which offered for the first time a scientific forum where voices critical of the "HIV"-AIDS dogma met with those supporting it. The conference was a success and was followed by exceptionally fair and balanced reporting by the Indian press.

The President of South Africa Mr. Thabo Mbeki has also understood the importance of involving the critics in a fruitful scientific debate. ANC media co-ordinator Ms. Kota-Mayosi rightly put the justification for a public re-assessing of AIDS involving the critics: "This debate has been limited only to people who promote the school of thought that HIV causes AIDS".

Instead of taking advantage of badly needed re-evaluation the "HIV"-establishment responded with out-rage, beginning a campaign against the SA-government and any who dare to question their point of view. However, as Ms Kota-Mayosi said: "Enough questions have been raised about the causal relationship between HIV and AIDS for that relationship to warrant rigorous scientific investigation". After all, it is a President's duty to protect the citizens from harm and his right to demand scientific clarification.

Just about every thing in the propagated beliefs about AIDS must be subject to scrutiny. "HIV" has NOT been isolated as a virus as has been publicly admitted by its considered discoverer Prof. Luc Montagnier, confirming what we have been saying for years (CONTINUUM, Vol. 5; No. 2; 97/8). Even UNAIDS now crusades to "counter the denial of the existence or threat of HIV (...)" (HIV and Infant Feeding; Guidelines for decision-makers; UNAIDS/98.3), but to date, they have failed to do so. For many years international and national health authorities have been asked for the scientific proof of the "HIV"-AIDS-hypothesis but no such proof has surfaced. Now, US "HIV" researcher John Moore claims these debates have been held and settled in America and Europe. BY WHOM, WHERE AND WHEN? It is NOT an American standard to break the roles - scientific established rules for that matter - DURING the game. If done so, don't be surprised if you become subject to rigorous and vehement questioning.

To then slam the people who have the courage to demand answers as "Flat-earthers", "Holocaust-deniers" and "Child-killers" is simply an attempt to establish critics as "terrorists" to "justify" avoiding dispute over scientific contents. The irresponsible and unprofessional handling of the AIDS-crisis seriously undermines scientific progress in medical research.

If the international "HIV"-establishment chooses to protect financial interests by ignoring the fundamental challenges to "common beliefs", it will continuously contribute to enormous suffering even death. However, people doomed to death, e.g. parents cannot afford to ignore these challenges when making responsible decisions (informed choice) for themselves and their children. What good is such an informed choice - a declared patient right by the World Medical Association - if so much information is censored by the media and the responsible agencies?

While we welcome President Mbeki's attempt to re-assess AIDS, we consider his current approach in terms of agenda, participants/structure and time-frame as insufficient to fully elaborate the fundamental problem with "HIV" the alleged virus suggested to cause AIDS (non-isolation) and all subsequent ones. Hence, many more inquiries will be needed to shed light into this medical tragedy!

IED/HLP asks the commission to put "science & environment" separately on the agenda on an annual bases. Human rights violations based on highly questionable science, genetic piracy, abuse of humans in bio-medical research are but a few of the many issues to be addressed.

The following national and international organisations support the efforts by South African President Mr. Thabo Mbeki: The South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR); the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf); the Akademy vir Wetenskap and Kuns (SAAWEK); the National Youth Commission, the African National Congress (ANC); the editors of the South African Medical Journal (SAMJ) and

the South African Journal of Science (SAJS); the International Forum for Accessible Science (IFAS), Switzerland; Academy of Nutrition Improvement (ANI), India; Act-Up San Francisco and Act-Up Hollywood, USA; Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society, Canada; Alive & Well Network, USA; Continuum Magazine, England; The Long-term Survivor Network (Quest-Project), England;

El Peque o Periodico; The Forum for Debating AIDS, South Africa; Fundacion Arte y Ciencia, Columbia; The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV-AIDS-Hypothesis, USA; The international Health Education AIDS Liaison (HEAL) Network; Joint Action Council Kannur (JACK), India; The Study Group for AIDS-Therapy, Switzerland; Journalists for a Free Media; Mothers Opposing Mandatory Medicine (MOM); The Mythbusters, New York Rethinking AIDS-Society (NYRAS), The Sheppard Foundation and Students Against the HIV Causes AIDS Hypothesis (SATHIVCAH). Many more organisations around the glove have been challenging the current AIDS-dogma.

This statement is based on the INFORMATION DOSSIER ON AIDS by IFAS (3rd edition is on its way).

for further information contact:

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